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Lifting and Firming Since 1966

The neck and décolleté is an area that’s seriously overlooked when it comes to skincare, and it often falls into a kind of no-mans land!  The big question is do you consider your neck to be an extension of your face or is it part of your body?  For many it can be sadly neither and the end result is that it tends to get completely neglected.
French women consider their necks (or ‘cou’ as is the French term) to be a striking and predominant part of their face along with the décolleté and treat this vulnerable area from a very young age.  In fact a recent independent study found that French women look, on average, 3.4 years younger than us Brits by the time we hit 40 and 4.8 years at 50.
And they are smart to consider the neck a significant part of the face and body.   The neck and décolleté are notoriously the first places to age and this is in part due to neglect, but also in part to a natural gravitational pull and weakening of the collagen and elastin fibres which causes skin slackening.  The skin on the neck is very thin, with fewer sebaceous glands and melanocytes – which means it is less lubricated and less protected against the damaging effects of UV.  As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, apparently we are all looking down much more these days as mobiles and laptops have taken over our lives, giving rise to a whole new set of wrinkles known as “tech neck”. As a result of all of the above, the skin in this delicate zone can become far more wrinkled, saggy, crepy and pigmented than that on our face.  Help!

Jeanne Gatineau’s profound knowledge on skin ageing resulted in many cosmetic breakthroughs through the years and in 1966 ‘Cou Jeune’ was launched (translated as ‘young neck’).  This highly targeted serum gel was formulated with a high concentration of natural wheat proteins which created an incredible in-depth contracting effect on the elastin fibres to rebuild the skin’s support network and create a visible lift and smoothing effect.   Roll on 50 years and a little bit of refining of the product along the way and this Throat Gel still remains one of our best-selling products to this day.

The secret to this flash-firming formula is that it is considered to be a serum rather than a moisturizer.  Gatineau is renowned for their results-driven serums and the Throat Gel doesn’t disappoint.  Serums have a small molecular structure which provides them with penetrative ability targeting the heart of the problem allowing maximum results.  The combination of ‘Dynalift Technology’, Vitamin E and F and Pentavitine promotes a visible tightening effect, restores elasticity and provides an intense moisturizing and smoothing effect on the surface of the skin.  The effects are instant and long lasting!
In the fight against a youthful complexion you have to choose your battles, and, for me, the neck and décolleté is worth it.
Tips and Tricks
  • Always apply Gatineau’s Throat Gel after cleansing but  before your moisturiser
  • If you suffer from skin slackening then apply in quick successive upward stroking movements from décolleté to jawline paying particular attention to lifting the jawline.

Lucy x

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