Age Benefit™ Integral Regenerating Cream Dry Skin 30ml

Age Benefit™

Integral Regenerating Cream Dry Skin 30ml

Size: 30ml


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This powerfully targeted cream targets all the advanced signs of ageing whilst providing skin with essential moisture. Artichoke Leaf and Hibiscus Extracts smooth lines and wrinkles whilst Calcium strengthens thinning skin. Restorative and nourishing, this moisturiser offers complete anti-ageing in one simple step. 

Age 50 years and beyond. Added Avocado Oil and Shea Butter for intensive nourishment for dry skin.

*Please note, this product does not contain a passport point.


Artichoke Leaf and Hibiscus Extract – slows down the appearance of ageing
Red Algae Extract – revives radiance and helps to correct brown spots
Calcium – helps strengthen thinning skin
Sweet Almond Oil – nourishes and hydrates
Avocado Oil and Shea Butter -  intense nourishment for dry skin


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Customer Reviews

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"Radiant and glowing"

"This is a super rich moisturizer / 'regenerating' cream that provides a very comfortable level of hydration for dry skin. Its creamy texture absorbs well into the skin leaving it looking radiant and glowing. Considering how rich this nicely fragranced skin product is, it is exceptionally light and leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft. The benefits last all day and I think the richness provides a protective quality which is perfect for the winter months or when your skin needs that extra level of hydration. On the expensive side at currently near £ 100, but I thought that this was a great moisturizer"

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"Absolutely lush"

"This face cream feels terrific. It's scented but very subtly. It feels absolutely lush going on and gets absorbed really quickly."

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"My skin feels good"

"I have only been using this face cream for just under two weeks, much too soon to see any real difference in my wrinkles. However my skin does look brighter and some fine lines have faded slightly, also my skin feels good and is certainly tighter than before which has lessened the look of my wrinkles. My skin is looking better day by day."

  • Username Cherish R.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Not bad!"

"It's not bad! But don't think it's worth full price!"

  • Username Susan J.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Beautiful Product"

"as my skin has been ageing for a while, I am defiantly needing something to make my skin feel comfortable and 'fed' every day. This cream was a gorgeous creamy texture, easy to apply and the smell was fresh. I think this cream would be for an older skin as it was very rich. I loved applying this and in the morning my skin felt comfortable. When using in the morning I did find it made my skin slightly greasy throughout the day and felt I had to apply more make up than normal but with my combination skin type this would be normal when using a rich cream. This is one I would use in the winter months when my skin is feelin dry and tight. I am not forgetting to add how amazing the packaging is tho!! Wow this looks gorj on my bathroom shelf.. so glam!"

  • Username Ruth S.
  • Date Oct 2017


"I love this moisturiser! It really feels like its hydrating my skin and it feels quite luxurious to use! I really enjoyed using it and it was sensitive enough to use day and night without breakouts."

  • Username Mel E.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Love it"

"Even though it's think consistency it's feels light and has improved my dryness."

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