AquaMemory™ High Hydration Cream Mask 75ml


High Hydration Cream Mask 75ml

Size: 75ml


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A luxurious, salon-grade formula with exclusive Osmaporine™ Technology to bring immediate relief to dehydrated skin. This powerful mask is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and an Anti-oxidant Complex for long-lasting hydration and maximum protection against moisture loss.
Suitable for all skin types, especially dry/ dehydrated skin.


Osmaporine™ Technology – stimulates the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture
Pure Hyaluronic Acid – provides in-depth and long lasting hydration
Anti-oxidant Complex – improves the natural defences of the skin
Salicornia Extract – a powerful anti-oxidant action

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Customer Reviews

  • Username Mariachick
  • Date Feb 2019

"Lives up to its name"

"I got this product free with my passport ,its fantastic product and has rescued and rebalanced my skin .its so soothing and the results are immediate Thanks for the free gift "

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"So nourishing"

"Really refreshing to get a face mask that is so nourishing when you apply and doesn't tighten or dry my face out. This has a cream consistency, that spreads well onto skin and absorbed very quickly into my skin . It didn't feel like wearing a face mask m and meant I wasn't restricted and could go about my usual routine . I left it on for about 15 minutes and although it said tissue off I preferred to wash it off. My skin felt lovely and soft , refreshed and it did looked more hydrated."

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"I will gladly recommend this "

"This is fantastic revitalising and refreshing mask. I have obtained best results by using it over night. It leaves the skin soft and well hydrated for long hours. I will gladly recommend this especially if you have dry skin like mine."

  • Username Guest
  • Date Oct 2017

"A perfect winter mask"

"This is a perfect winter mask. It is very hydrating so gives skin what it needs to cope with freezing winter winds, drying central heating and the dull look that skin takes on when winter arrives. The mask is quick and simple to use, only taking 15 mins to use but the effect on your skin really lasts. It is recommended to use a couple of times a week, but one is enough for me as it is so moisturising. The cream has a pleasant, cooling sensation when first put on and wipes away on to a tissue without leaving any greasiness or stickiness."

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