Radiance Enhancing Gommage 75ml
Radiance Enhancing Gommage 75ml

Radiance Enhancing Gommage


Size: 75ml


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The perfect exfoliator for sensitive skin, our Radiance Enhancing Gommage uses a mild enzymatic formula to remove dead skin cells. Free from grains and beads, this unique exfoliator begins with a luxurious balm-like consistency, transforming into a soft nourishing oil as it gently dissolves the outermost layer of the skin. Radiance and luminosity are immediately increased and a fresh, glowing complexion is revealed.

All skin types, especially sensitive.


AHAs – eliminate dead skin cells through gentle enzymatic action
Spelt Wheat Peptide – energising action
Vitamin C – brightens the skin and provides powerful anti-oxidants
Pure Hyaluronic Acid – provides deep and long lasting hydration


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Customer Reviews

  • Username Anna Mitchell
  • Date Mar 2020

"Smells incredible"

"Great product, leaves my skin feeling so smooth and cleansed! "

  • Username Claire L.
  • Date Nov 2017

"Great little product!"

"Really liked this as a pick me up! Odd sensation but it worked!"

  • Username Helena R
  • Date Nov 2017

"Interesting Product"

"This is a new type of product for me, it seemed really interesting from the description so thought I would give it a try! It takes a bit of getting used to as the texture is different to other items I've used, but this left my skin feeling fantastic afterwards, so would definitely recommend!"

  • Username Diana S.
  • Date Oct 2017

"No effect"

"Lovely texture and gold particles. The product feels nice and luxurious on the face. However, am yet to see any results. "

  • Username Corrine M.
  • Date Oct 2017

"AMAZING - Helping to clear skin!"

"As someone who struggles with acne-prone skin, this product has been a miracle for my face. It's helped to smooth any impurities and redness, and I'm noticing less breakouts after two weeks of use. It's effective, but not too harsh for someone with sensitive skin. I've been searching for a product like this for years and have FINALLY found the perfect one! "

  • Username Diane M.
  • Date Oct 2017

"great exfoliator"

"Love this product, really performs a great exfoliation, and you can really feel and see the results straight away. Have used Gatineau for many years now and can't recommend it enough! "

  • Username Monica M.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Love it!"

"Such a luxurious consistensy and feels like you ate giving your whole face a workout. I would recomend this to my friends and family as a must have as its such a great product, giving you that glow that everyone wants! "

  • Username Maisie F.
  • Date Oct 2017


"This product does exactly what it says; my skin looked so radiant after using this once!!! It left my skin feeling really soft, bright and healthy! "

  • Username Isabelle F.
  • Date Oct 2017


"Honestly one of the best exfoliaters I've used, this product made such a visible difference after a few uses. The consistency is quite smooth rather than beady and sandy but works wonders! It has evened out my complexation and defiantly helped my combination skin type. "

  • Username Sarah S.
  • Date Oct 2017

"Love love love!"

"Radiance Enhancing Gommage: love love love this product!!! What a gorgeous golden sparkly liquid that transforms your face from dull to gleaming princess in minutes! The strong smell of oranges fills the bathroom when you use this I loved it! This product makes you really feel like you are having a skincare care work out, this goes on quite thick and as you massage into the skin, breaks down. When quickly rinsed off the skin feels soft to touch and looks visibility brighter. I would recommended this to everyone!! "

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